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Couchbase Launches AI Accelerate Partner Program to Advance AI-powered Applications for Customers

Couchbase PartnerEngage Ecosystem Expands to Make it Easier for Customers to Build Modern Applications on Capella; Partners MindsDB and Dataworkz are the First to Join the New Program

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – August 30, 2023 – Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), the cloud database platform company, today announced the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program designed to make it easier for customers to build AI-powered applications with Couchbase Capella and support integrations with the broader AI and data ecosystem. The program will provide organizations with resources to quickly integrate their platforms and tools with the industry-leading Database-as-a-Service Couchbase Capella™. This reduces friction for customers who are building and deploying models for AI-driven applications.

The new AI Accelerate Partner Program is part of Couchbase PartnerEngage, a worldwide partner program that provides organizations with access to resources, benefits, custom commercial models and relationships essential to increasing partner sales and maximizing profits. AI Accelerate provides collaboration opportunities for cloud service providers, independent software vendors, system integrators and technology partners in the Couchbase PartnerEngage ecosystem. The benefits of joining the AI Accelerate Partner Program span go-to-market (GTM), technical and enablement categories, including:

  • Eligibility for early access to beta programs and to the Couchbase AI roadmap
  • Customized, hands-on AI-focused workshops with the Couchbase pre-sales team
  • Accelerated path to integration with Capella, including eligibility for extended Capella trials
  • Access to the Couchbase PartnerEngage portal, featuring enablement assets and self-paced online training courses
  • Joint GTM opportunities and eligibility for a listing on the Couchbase website and other co-marketing investments

“Generative AI holds great promise for how companies build applications and the types of experiences they can deliver to their customers,” said Matt McDonough, SVP of business development and strategy at Couchbase. “Couchbase has long invested in the partner ecosystem and believes in collaboration with partners, joint solutions and integrations. This allows partners to deliver the best customer experience so customers can get more insight and value from the data stored in Capella. In order to make it easier for customers to build AI-powered applications on Capella, we are partnering, building integrations and aligning with others in the ecosystem. The new AI Accelerate Partner Program will ensure that our cloud database platform is well positioned to be a key part of the rapidly emerging AI landscape.”

For more information about the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program, please visit

In addition, Couchbase is pleased to announce that MindsDB and Dataworkz are the first companies to join the program.

“We are witnessing a time where organizations worldwide are transforming their businesses to be more AI-centric,” said Jorge Torres, co-founder and CEO of MindsDB. “At MindsDB, we empower companies to build AI applications fast by connecting their data sources to popular AI frameworks. Becoming part of the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program was an easy decision because it aligns with our core mission of expanding AI’s accessibility to a broader spectrum of businesses. Together with Couchbase, we can provide valuable resources that help customers build AI-powered applications that will drive transformation.”

“World-class large language models (LLMs) require state-of-the-art data, and the hardest part of building an AI application is wrangling data to make it compatible with foundation models,” said Sachin Smotra, CEO at Dataworkz. “Dataworkz enables enterprises to harness the power of private or public LLMs on their own proprietary data using Retrieval Augmented Generation. The Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program enables Dataworkz to harness data stored in Capella and provide domain-specific up-to-date context for building AI applications in a managed environment.”

In addition, Couchbase today announced it is introducing generative AI into Capella. With the launch of Capella iQ, organizations will be able to significantly enhance developer productivity and accelerate time to market for modern applications. The new capability enables developers to write SQL++ and application-level code more quickly by delivering recommended sample code.

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