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Couchbase and Elasticsearch Announce Plug-in for Couchbase Server 2.0

NoSQL Leader and Real-Time Search and Analytics Company Offer Combined Solution to Build Richer and More Powerful Applications

Mountain View, Calif. – February 25, 2013 – Couchbase, Inc., a leader in NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project, and Elasticsearch, the company behind the popular real-time search and analytics open source project, today announced the release of Couchbase Server Plug-in for Elasticsearch. With the new plug-in, Couchbase users can incorporate search, relevance-based queries using boosting and faceted analytics, and other capabilities that enable a growing class of applications that require the ability to manage and serve a variety of content or aggregate and use data from third parties such as Facebook and Twitter.

The new plug-in continuously streams data between Couchbase Server 2.0 and Elasticsearch, combining the indexing, querying and real-time analytics of Couchbase with the real-time search capabilities of Elasticsearch for richer more powerful applications. Specific features include:

  • Continuous real-time replication:  The plug-in continuously transfers data to Elasticsearch after data is written to disk on Couchbase. The search index on the Elasticsearch cluster is always kept up to date with the data in Couchbase.
  • Topology aware: The plug-in is cluster-topology aware. If a Couchbase node or Elasticsearch server goes down, or if new servers are added, the updated cluster topology information is obtained and replication continues to the available servers in the destination cluster.
  • Efficient recovery from network failures: The plug-in tracks the state of what data is replicated from Couchbase to Elasticsearch. If data transfer is interrupted due to intermittent network connection failures, it can pick up where it left off. 

Supporting Quotes:

  • “We are excited to extend the capabilities of Couchbase Server 2.0 with our new plug-in for Elasticsearch and the benefits it brings to customers with content-driven applications. Partnering with Elasticsearch greatly complements Couchbase’s easy scalability, consistent high performance, and always-on capabilities, and provides an even more powerful set of features for developers building interactive web and mobile applications.” – Bob Wiederhold, President and CEO of Couchbase
  • “We view search as the simplest way to explore data. We are thrilled to enable Couchbase users to easily hook data from Couchbase to Elasticsearch, and expose the power of unstructured and structured search and analytics capabilities.” – Steven Schuurman, CEO of Elasticsearch
  • “At McGraw Hill Education we are pioneering new ways of teaching and learning with digital technologies using new approaches. NoSQL database technology, and in particular Couchbase, fits well with our vision. As a document database, Couchbase Server 2.0 provides a flexible data model on which we can develop content-rich, highly dynamic applications. The Couchbase Plug-in for Elasticsearch extends this flexibility even further, allowing users to build self-adapting interactive applications using Couchbase and Elasticsearch together.” – Chris Tse, Director of McGraw Hill Education Labs

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