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Couchbase Advances Edge Computing Innovation with 2.8 Release of Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway

New functionality enables secure data sync from cloud to edge and directly between edge devices, guarantees applications are always available and responsive in real time

COUCHBASE CONNECT.ONLINE–October 14, 2020: Couchbase, the creator of the enterprise-class, multicloud to edge NoSQL database, today announced version 2.8 of Couchbase Lite and Couchbase Sync Gateway for mobile and edge computing applications. Available today, the release gives organizations the power to take full advantage of a distributed cloud architecture, creating always-fast, always-on applications that guarantee business uptime even in a disconnected computing environment. 

Edge computing continues to grow in importance; according to IDC, edge networks will represent more than 60 percent of all deployed cloud infrastructures by 2023 as enterprises increasingly realize the availability and responsiveness benefits it offers. With version 2.8, Couchbase offers enterprises the latest advancements in mobile and edge computing via the latest peer-to-peer sync and Sync Gateway replication technologies.  

Always-fast, Always-on applications with Couchbase Lite peer-to-peer sync

Business-critical, offline-first applications that operate in disconnected computing environments for extended periods of time, such as emergency response applications, rugged field service devices,  or airline handheld meal ordering systems, need to stay up and running to ensure service continuity, customer satisfaction, and in some cases even personal safety. These applications can only guarantee uptime through direct collaboration between the edge devices. Only Couchbase Lite 2.8’s peer-to-peer sync solution offers secure storage and bidirectional synchronization of data between the edge devices without the need for a centralized cloud-based control point, keeping data flowing and applications running 100% of the time.

Distributed cloud deployments with Sync Gateway replication technology

Enterprises that have adopted a cloud-centric model for deploying applications are now dealing with challenges of Internet latency and unreliability as well as data privacy concerns that can lead to poor customer experience and costly business downtime. The challenges can be overcome by shifting to a distributed cloud-to-edge architecture where only relevant data is stored in the cloud. However, for real time applications requiring 100% business availability and governed by stringent data privacy rules, data processing is done at the edge, closer to the source of data.

The new replication capability in Couchbase Sync Gateway 2.8, in combination with Couchbase Lite 2.8 and Couchbase Server, supports the distributed cloud model at every tier– from the cloud to the edge– securely synchronizing data between web, mobile, and IoT apps and the backend database as well as between cloud and edge data centers. The latest capabilities ensure that critical information never stops moving between the applications and the end users who need it.

Supporting quotes:

“For the new version of our VECMAP software we required a database platform with flexibility and offline-first capabilities for our users. We picked Couchbase from the very first developer build as it provides these features in a strong and reliable package, allowing us to focus on bringing the best of our expertise at Avia-GIS to the software functionalities. Continuous improvements from Couchbase means Couchbase Mobile is the preferred solution for our mobile applications.”
–Bart de Groot, IT Director, Avia-GIS

“The peer-to-peer sync Couchbase supports has become the standard for mobile and embedded apps that need to share data securely, quickly without fail, without the need for a cloud-based control point or an internet connection.”
–Daniele Angeli, Founder & CEO, MOLO17 

“Maintaining current data on occasionally connected devices has been a key aim of database software firms for a long time, but the current trends, involving the processing of high volume and fast-changing edge data, adds a new dimension of challenge to this old problem. It is critical that enterprises act on such data where it will do the most good. With these new capabilities designed to enable users to do just that, Couchbase continues to innovate on its mobile database technology, ensuring that its customers are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.”
–Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC

“Enterprises of all types are continuing to explore what edge computing has to offer, and we’re starting to approach the point where it reaches its full potential. By making applications less and less reliant on synchronization with a central server, we’re giving enterprises the tools they need to take full advantage of edge. Regardless of their environment, enterprises can seamlessly spin up new edge deployments as and when they’re needed, and take advantage of enhanced data transfer capabilities that make edge applications smarter than ever.”
–Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO, Couchbase


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