Purpose of this Statement

This statement is made on behalf of Couchbase, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Couchbase”) pursuant to section 54(1) of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015.



Couchbase is committed to the protection of human rights globally and to providing a fair and ethical workplace. We respect the standards embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization conventions.


Specifically, Couchbase is strongly opposed to slavery and human trafficking and will not knowingly support or conduct business with any organization involved in such activities and ensures that its employees and suppliers across the globe follow all applicable laws and regulations, including the UK Modern Slavery Act.


Business Activities and Organization

Couchbase is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. We are a global organization with offices in London, Manchester, Paris, Bangalore and San Francisco and we work as one team. More information about our offices can be found at


Couchbase is a software company that develops and licenses a NoSQL database. Couchbase successfully provides products and services to companies ranging from small businesses to global enterprises across every industry.


Employees and Employee Training


Couchbase ensures that the highest level of integrity is maintained throughout all areas of its business by promoting the Couchbase Values:

  • Be a Good Human, Always.
  • Act with Uncompromising Integrity, Period.
  • Serve Your Family, As Defined By You.
  • Attack Hard Problems, Driven By Customer Outcomes.
  • Play to Win, Together.
  • Make Tomorrow Better Than Today, Start Now.

Couchbase is committed to providing a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for all its employees. Couchbase offers a broad range of benefits to its employees and supports a global wellness initiative. To keep employees apprised of their benefits, Couchbase provides employees access to information regarding employee policies and Human Resources specialists are available to address employee concerns and issues.

All Couchbase employees are provided with our policies and are required to acknowledge these policies. The Couchbase Board of Directors oversees Couchbase’s policies. At least annually, Couchbase’s internal compliance department reports to the Couchbase Board of Directors on Couchbase’s various compliance policies.


Relevant Policies and Employee Conduct

All of Couchbase’s employees are bound by compliance policies that are designed to ensure that our employees act with the utmost integrity and include anti-corruption policies (i.e. anti-bribery).

Further, our compliance policies require employees to report misconduct, unethical business practices and the violation of any law or Couchbase policies.

Supply Chain and Supply Chain Diligence

Couchbase conducts business worldwide, and manages its supplier relationships, including those involving, technology hardware, software applications, technology services, travel-related services, consultancy and other services.

Couchbase is committed to acting in accordance with applicable law and requires its suppliers to maintain at least the same standards. 

Couchbase’s suppliers and partners are predominantly based in the United States and Europe and include the likes of Google Inc., Salesforce, and the Microsoft Corporation, each of which have stated codes of conduct and ethics.

Couchbase expects that its suppliers will not tolerate any form of exploitation in their business or any part of their supply chain. Supplier evaluation and selection may include an assessment of supplier’s business practices and corporate values.

To ensure all those in Couchbase’s supply chains and contractors comply with applicable law, Couchbase enters into appropriate partner agreements with all of its suppliers and partners. As part of this, Couchbase requires suppliers and partners to comply with all applicable laws, which includes the UK Modern Slavery Act. Couchbase also may require certain suppliers and partners to certify that they have implemented a code of conduct with the same effect.

However, to manage its growth and increasing risks effectively, Couchbase must continue to improve its operational, financial, and management systems and controls by, among other things:

  • effectively attracting, training, and integrating a large number of new employees, particularly members of sales and marketing teams and employees and consultants in all jurisdictions; 
  • enhancing information, training, and communication systems to ensure that employees are well-coordinated, well-informed, and can effectively communicate with each other and customers; and
  • when entering into new contracts, undertake due diligence to ensure that the third parties have the relevant policies and procedures in place that would prevent slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Couchbase’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending January 31, 2021.

Matt Cain
Chief Executive Officer
Couchbase, Inc.

Date: March 2020