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Fast, affordable access to consolidated patient data

MedicaSoft is an independent company that provides cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant software solutions and health IT services to healthcare providers, payors, and health information exchanges. Their flagship product, the NXT Platform, parses, cleans, normalizes, transforms, and enriches large volumes of clinical and claims data in real time.

When MedicaSoft needed a database that could move data quickly to fulfill medical record requests, they turned to Couchbase for a highly secure, available, and scalable solution.

About MedicaSoft

100K - 2M

documents per day


feeds of clinical data collected from hospitals


JSON documents across all clients


    • Required a database that would enable responses to all patient record inquiries within 30 days of submission to ensure compliance with the Cures Act and HIPAA
    • Database had to handle many feeds of clinical data while remaining highly secure, available, and scalable
    • Needed a cost-effective solution to power affordable services for nonprofit organizations with limited budgets


    • Couchbase is the central solution, storing data as JSON documents to make it highly accessible via APIs
    • Collects 50-200 feeds of clinical data from all the hospitals in a given state, comprising 100K to 2M documents per day – 100 billion JSON documents to date across all clients
    • The ability to capture data accurately enables MedicaSoft’s customers to keep patient data safer, catch clinical errors effectively, and protect the health and safety of each patient at a compelling price point
There are other solutions out there, but none of them meet the functional and performance requirements we have as well as Couchbase.

Paul Bradley Chief Technology Officer, MedicaSoft

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