What makes Capella different?

You can get off to an easy start with Capella by using SQL to query your JSON data. Capella delivers flexibility across your use cases with built-in multi-model and mobile synchronization capabilities. And its memory-first architecture drives millisecond data response at scale, resulting in the best price-performance of any fully managed document database. Try it for free and be up and running in minutes.

Whether you're tackling development, architectural, or deployment challenges, there are many great reasons to future-proof with Capella.

Capella key capabilities

Capella automates setup, security, management, and scaling… so you get to market faster and easier.

How to get started with Capella

Free trial:

  • Be live in under 3 minutes
  • Use sample data (or load your own)
  • Connect to your cluster
  • App Services for mobile

AWS, Azure, and GCP. Starts at 50GB. No credit card needed.

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