Couchbase Capella

Capella provides Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL database as a fully managed service, including mobile and IoT application services. It’s the easiest and fastest way to begin with Couchbase and to eliminate ongoing database management efforts.

What makes Capella different?

Capella delivers flexibility and performance at scale for enterprise applications, with the best price-performance of any fully managed document database. Try it for free and be up and running in minutes.


from $0.28/hr per node (3-node cluster)

Ideal for early design, development, and testing phases within a single AZ, with forum-based support and automated backups

Developer Pro
from $0.35/hr per node (3-node cluster)

A lower-cost solution designed to deliver great price performance for departmental and tier-2 and tier-3 applications

from $0.56/hr per node (3-node cluster)

Our premium-level performance, service, security, and support for mission-critical applications

Get up and started on Couchbase in minutes