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What is Couchbase Server?

Couchbase Server is a NoSQL document database with a distributed architecture for performance, scalability, and availability. It enables developers to build applications easier and faster by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON.

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Couchbase Server provides a flexible data model...on which we can develop content-rich, highly dynamic, interactive applications that will transform how people teach and learn.

Christopher Tse Director, MHE Labs at McGraw-Hill Education
What's New

Introducing Couchbase Server 4.1

Sort, filter, transform, group, and combine data with N1QL ("nickel") — a declarative query language that extends SQL for JSON — by leveraging language and framework integration and fluent APIs, or writing query statements.

Build and extend applications with greater agility by separating how data is queried from how it is modeled. This powerful abstraction enables applications to model data one way, but query it in many ways — including those that may not yet be anticipated.

N1QL Query

SELECT b.title AS book, AS author
FROM books b INNER JOIN authors a
ON KEYS b.author_id
WHERE b.category = "Science Fiction"
ORDER BY author

Improve query performance by creating composite, filtered, functional, and covering indexes with Global Secondary Indexing — storing a complete index of all data on one or more nodes rather than storing a partial index of local data on every node.

Maintain query performance at scale by limiting index scans to a fixed number of nodes: as the number of nodes increases to store more data, the number of nodes that store indexes does not — so scaling out does not affect query performance, which remains consistent.

Build applications that query geographic data in multiple dimensions by creating spatial indexes on GeoJSON or numeric data. Your applications aren't limited to querying by location: they can query by location and more — for example, "locations open after midnight."

Try out a preview of full text search built on the popular open source project, Bleve. Written in Go, Bleve supports text analysis, faceting, scoring, and highlighting while enabling applications to perform term, fuzzy, phrase, match, match phrase, and prefix queries.

Search Query

   "query": {
      "query": "category:science space"
   "size": 10,
   "from": 0,
   "facets": [author, awards]

Scale more efficiently and more precisely with Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) — scaling and optimizing the hardware for individual data services: query, index, and read-write/storage — by running different services on different nodes.

Scaling out increases storage capacity and read-write throughput, but it slows down queries, because every query is executed by every node. The solution is MDS: run the query and index services on a fixed subset of nodes while continuing to run the read-write/storage service on more and more nodes.

Reduce network bandwidth and cost, and improve the efficiency of replication between private data centers or cloud regions by applying filters to limit the amount of data replicated. You can now create filters with regular expressions to replicate subsets of data to different (or all) destinations.

Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) is a streaming protocol for asynchronous, memory-to-memory replication over wide area networks. Not only does it now include filtering, but we've completely rewritten it in Go for better performance.



Develop with Agility

Easier, Faster Development

Iterate faster by leveraging a flexible data model and a powerful query language to write less code and avoid database changes.

Flexible Data Modeling

Add features by extending the data model to nest or reference data, or by adding new indexes and queries on the same data.

Powerful Querying

Interact with data by sorting, filtering, grouping, combining, and transforming it with a query instead of complex application code.

SQL Integration and Migration

Migrate relational data and queries as is, continue to leverage enterprise BI and reporting tools with full support for SQL.

Big Data Integration

Integrate with Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka to enrich, distribute, and analyze operational data both offline and in real time.

Mobile / IoT Extensions

Simplify mobile development by leveraging a cross-platform, embedded database with automatic synchronization to the cloud.

Operate at Any Scale

Elastic Scalability

Scale easily, efficiently and reliably, from a few nodes to many, one data center to multiple, all with "push button" simplicity.

Consistent High Performance

Build responsive applications and support millions of concurrent users by leveraging more memory and asynchronous operations.

Always-on Availability

Maintain 24x365 uptime by enabling replication and automatic failover, and performing all maintenance operations online.

Multi-Data Center Deployment

Operate in multiple geographies to improve performance and availability by configuring cross data center replication.

Simple and Powerful Administration

Deploy, manage, and monitor deployments with an integrated admin UI and automated tasks optimized for large deployments.

Enterprise-grade Security

Deploy in secure environments by enabling built-in auditing, administrative authorization, and secure communication.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Meet the requirements of multiple use cases with a single general-purpose database.

Real-Time Big Data

Leverage streaming integration with Hadoop and Storm to support and enable real-time analytics.

Mobile Applications

Build mobile apps with offline support via an embedded database and automatic synchronization.

Profile Management

Maintain user profiles to support authentication, preferences, and more over multiple channels.

Content Management

Manage a variety of static and dynamic content without the limitations of a fixed data model.

Customer 360° View

Aggregate customer information from disparate sources with different schemas within a single database.

Internet of Everything

Collect high volume, high velocity sensor and telemetry data from industrial and consumer devices.

Fraud Detection

Enable real-time transaction profiling with low latency access to accounts and fraud detection rules.


Engage customers by providing low latency access to product or service catalogs, online or in-store.


Ingest clickstream data at high throughput to create and refine millions of visitor profiles.

Digital Communication

Support real-time interaction and communication with low latency read/write access to messages.




Couchbase Learning Services

The best way to learn advanced NoSQL application development and administration is in a structured learning environment, with practical hands-on labs taught by an expert.

Our lab-intensive training courses are the best in the NoSQL world, designed to build real proven skills that will help make your NoSQL database deployments smooth and successful.

Open-enrollment for classes is currently available in multiple cities.

Get Started

Get Started

Download Couchbase Server 4.0 on the getting started page and read the developer guide.