Couchbase Mobile

The NoSQL database solution for mobile.


What is Couchbase Mobile?

Couchbase Mobile is a NoSQL database solution that delivers the full power and flexibility of NoSQL to mobile. It's engineered to provide fast and consistent access to your data, with or without a network connection, removing the network dependency that traditional service-based approaches require.

It is comprised of three components:

Couchbase Sync Gateway

An internet-facing cloud component that securely synchronizes data between the mobile device and the cloud.

Couchbase Lite

An embedded NoSQL database that lives locally on mobile devices.

Couchbase Server

An enterprise NoSQL database with elastic scalability and consistent high performance.

Data is written locally into Couchbase Lite for low latency read/write access. Couchbase Sync Gateway replicates changes within the system between Couchbase Server and Couchbase Lite.

Couchbase Mobile products...give our developer community a platform to write more robust, responsive and available applications in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Miguel de Icaza Co-founder and CTO, Xamarin


All of the features necessary to support mission-critical applications.

Always Available, Always Fast

  • Data is always available and fast with or without a network connection.
  • Local data enables fast, consistent data reads, writes and queries.
  • Amazing user experiences that go far beyond beautiful design.


  • Full read/write access, indexing and querying.
  • Built-in multi-master synchronization with conflict resolution.
  • Peer-to-peer replication support.

Cross-Platform Support

  • Supported on all major mobile platforms.
  • Native iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux and more.
  • Quickly develop apps for multiple mobile platforms with a common code base using Xamarin or PhoneGap/Cordova.


  • Secure synchronization between local and remote databases.
  • Fine-grained data subsetting to control what data is synced between databases.
  • Multi-master synchronization.

Secure Support

  • Local file system encryption.
  • Communication over SSL.
  • Quickly develop apps for multiple mobile platforms with a common code base using Xamarin or PhoneGap/Cordova.
Use Cases
Use Cases

Use Cases


Push product catalogs and promotions to customers for offline browsing and shopping with mobile apps.

Field Sales

Push customer info and sales collateral to reps for offline access in the field, take notes while offline.

Point of Sale System

Collect customer and payment information in real-time, online and offline.


Push top scores to online users, enable users to play offline, and enable users to chat online or offline.


Collect telemetry data in real-time, save it, and replicate it to a remote db for aggregation and analysis.


Store assignments, articles, and e-books on-device. Access content at home or school - anytime and anywhere.

Field Services

Collect the real-time data and output you need from multiple facilities. Save it, push it to a remote database, analyze it, and replicate it.

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