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Couchbase for Mobile

Developing a mobile app that needs to easily sync, and have an offline experience? Get there with Couchbase Mobile. Get JSON Anywhere – on device, on the wire, in the cloud.


Couchbase Lite

We're excited to introduce the first native NoSQL database for mobile.

Some features of Couchbase Lite include:

  • Is an embedded JSON document store
  • Has an ultra-lightweight footprint with native iOS and Android support as well as REST
  • Is sync-ready with Couchbase Sync Gateway, and has remote replication and conflict management support
  • Is integrated with the leading mobile application development platforms
Cross-Platform Support

We support Couchbase Lite across multiple platforms with both native and REST API support. Today, we count iOS and Android and are readily expanding.

Quick Start:


We're bringing Couchbase lite to a wide variety of mobile developers and have partnered with companies such as Xamarin, Appcelerator, and Adobe PhoneGap to empower those developer communities with access to our Couchbase Lite technology from the comfort of their development platform.


Couchbase Sync Gateway

Bring together your native NoSQL on-device databases with your Couchbase Server databases in the cloud using Couchbase Sync Gateway. Couchbase Sync Gateway is our easy-to-use scalable sync solution that can be served on-premise or in the cloud. We provide a couple of deployment options that you can check out today. See what's right for you and start syncing your Couchbase Lite-backed apps today.

Deployment Options:

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