Introducing Couchbase Server 3.0 Beta

Good things come in threes

Couchbase Server 3.0 extends our lead as the most performant and scalable NoSQL database for mission critical enterprise applications. In addition to adding great new functionality for the enterprise, 3.0 delivers many new features that make it easier for developers and administrators to work with Couchbase Server, making it the best choice for your NoSQL projects.

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What’s new in Couchbase Server

Mission-Critical Scale

Run at planet scale with more data, faster IO and improved indexing

  • Tunable memory allows you to configure memory to optimize metadata, data caching and eviction strategies, allowing configurations ranging from full in-memory database to large disk-based datasets.
  • Shared thread pool per node delivers high IO throughput and low latency for data reads, writes and other operations such as database warm-up.
  • Stream-based views based on Database Change Protocol (DCP), a new streaming protocol in 3.0, reduces latency for view updates, providing faster view consistency and fresher data.

To learn more about mission-critical scale features, register for the webinar.

Ultra-High Availability

Highly available apps with faster and easier data replication across multiple data centers, and advanced disaster recovery options

  • Stream-based XDCR (cross data center replication) lowers XDCR latency using memory-to-memory replication of data from the source cluster to the destination cluster -- even before it hits disk.
  • Delta-node recovery allows nodes to be quickly added back after they are repaired, so they can catch up incrementally from where they left off.
  • Incremental backup restore allows administrators to quickly backup only modified data in the database, making backup more efficient for larger datasets.

To learn more about ultra-high availability features, register for the webinar.

Improved Security

Secure on-the-wire data access for apps and admins

  • Encrypted data access SSL encrypts data in-flight between client and server.
  • Encrypted admin access enables HTTPS access for the Couchbase admin console and the REST API.

To learn more about security features and how to use SSL in our 2.0 clients, register for the webinar.

Simplified Administration

Easy cluster management and resource governance

  • Pause and resume XDCR enables XDCR streams between source and destination clusters to be paused during maintenance windows and resumed later, continuing from where they left off.
  • Graceful failover enables nodes to be safely removed from the cluster after all in-flight ops are completed.
  • Bucket priority enables prioritization of buckets so that additional IO resources can be assigned to higher priority buckets for faster workload execution.

To learn more how 3.0 simplifies administration, register for the webinar.

Developer Empowerment

Building richer and more powerful apps

  • Fully integrated native JSON means your application can work with high level objects which can automatically be serialized to JSON through the Couchbase APIs. 
  • Powerful async and reactive interfaces in Java , and .NET enable building richer apps, with better IO performance.
  • Rich framework integrations with open source frameworks such as Spring, gEvent, twisted and Ottoman.

To learn more about our new SDK 2.0 features, register for the webinar.

Couchbase Server 3.0 Beta and SDKs

Operating System

Couchbase Server


64-bit Ubuntu 12.04

Install instructions

64-bit Ubuntu 10.04

Install instructions

64-bit Red Hat 6

Install instructions

64-bit Red Hat 5

Install instructions

64-bit Mac OS X

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Couchbase Server 3.0 beta is compatible 

You can use Couchbase Server 3.0 with existing or newer SDKs. New 2.0 SDKs enable features such as SSL while simplifying and accelerating development.