Digital Economy companies store their operational data in JSON using Couchbase. Integrating that JSON data with the universe of existing relational tools and applications increases productivity, leverages existing skills and resources, and decreases time to market.

Database connectors, like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET are used by millions of applications every day for many purposes including ETL, BI, and reporting. Developers, DevOps, Architects, and End Users all depend on reliable, scalable, high-performance connectors to enable their tools and applications.

Couchbase’s SQL-based query language, called N1QL, provides full SQL access to your JSON data (including joins, aggregates, and optimized index data access). This makes database connectors to Couchbase more efficient, performant, and scalable than other NoSQL providers.

Which integration challenge are you trying to solve? Odds are you’ll find a tool or a connector below that makes it easier.


It all starts with the fundamental connector technology. Connectors enable standards-based database access for a wide variety of client applications and tools. The most widely used connectors are ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, and ODATA. Couchbase supports multiple connector technologies, including:


Simba Technologies provides standard ODBC and JDBC driver connectivity for Couchbase. These drivers are ODBC 3.8 and JDBC 4.0/4.1 compliant, and SQL-92 compatible. With native support for N1QL (our SQL for JSON query language), these drivers empower any ODBC or JDBC-based tool or application to connect to a Couchbase Server cluster.

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CData Software provides standards-based connector technology for Couchbase Server, including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk, and Excel. These drivers support direct interaction between a Couchbase Server cluster and almost any client or tool that is compatible with these protocols.

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Applications, Tools, and Platforms

Once you have the right connectors in place, you can then leverage a whole universe of relational applications, tools, and platforms that can now work with your JSON data in Couchbase. The possibilities are limitless. Here are a few of the partners and technology providers that Couchbase, our customers, and partners have worked with already.

If you are interested in using a tool or application that isn’t listed below, let us know about it. Better yet, if you’re already using a tool or application that we don’t have listed, tell us about it.

BI & Visualization


Use Tableau and the Couchbase ODBC driver to analyze and visualize your Couchbase data.

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Cloud9 Charts

Create compelling business charts and visualizations from your Couchbase data using Cloud9 Charts' native Couchbase 4.5 driver.

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Leverage your Couchbase data by using Qlik to create business-critical visualizations, dashboards, and applications.



Think “Tableau for NoSQL.” Get analytics, dashboards, and visualization directly from your Couchbase data (no ETL or data mapping required) with SlamData.



Leverage Excel’s native JSON support or Couchbase’s ODBC driver to quickly build business reports, based on your data that is stored in Couchbase.


Power BI

Create rich business visuals using your Couchbase data via Power BI with native JSON support or via the Couchbase ODBC driver.


ETL & Data Integration


Leverage Informatica’s rich data integration platform to share your Couchbase data with a wide variety of tools and applications.

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Explore, analyze, and visualize your Couchbase data by using Looker’s rich analytical and data modeling capabilities over Couchbase’s JDBC driver.

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The Talend connector for Couchbase connects Couchbase to the Talend Big Data platform. With 450+ connectors, Talend integrates almost any data source so you can transform, integrate, and visualize your Couchbase data in real time or batch.

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Other Tools

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6

Connect your service-oriented TIBCO BusinessWorks applications and services to Couchbase over ODBC and JDBC.

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Visual Studio

Access your Couchbase data directly from Visual Studio using the .NET SDK or over the ODBC driver.

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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Leverage SSIS Workflows with CData’s Data Flow Tasks and connect to Couchbase Servers in your ETL projects.

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Use the CData BizTalk Adapter for Couchbase to enable your BizTalk components to access and synchronize data stored in Couchbase.

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Microsoft SQL Server

The Simba ODBC driver can act as a bridge between Couchbase and Microsoft SQL Server, thereby creating a “linked server” for ETL and distributed queries through SQL Server.


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