Tableau 1.0 is now available with Couchbase Server 7.1

How do big data and BI connectors work with Couchbase?

Leveraging big data and BI connectors is desirable in every database, and the requirements for getting value from these connectors are largely the same.

The most innovative big data solutions go beyond Hadoop and use streaming to move operational data between ingestion points, storage systems, and analytical platforms. And with the recent expansion of Couchbase architecture to business intelligence toolsets like Tableau, you can use both BI and big data in concert with NoSQL.

Supported connectors

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Visualize and analyze your data with familiar, secure, and native connectivity.

Get the Tableau connector

Stream, filter, and transform Kafka topics into and from Couchbase.

Get the Kafka connector

Process Couchbase data within Apache Spark with this high-performance connector.

Get the Spark connector

Replicate and update your documents from Couchbase to Elasticsearch in near-real time.

Get the Elasticsearch connector

What can you do with big data and BI connectors?

With supported connectors, you can:

● Ingest high-velocity data

● Store large volumes of data

● Extract information quickly

● Visualize results

Big data and BI connectors are not limited to one product or component – it’s an umbrella of technologies. You need a solution that encompasses multiple technologies, and a toolbox to integrate them.

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