Simple Ektorp connection

To test, I'm just trying:

Android device (android 2.3.5) : app with ektorp -----> (create document) Couchbase Server (2.0)

To begin with, I try to connect:

import org.ektorp.http.HttpClient;
	protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
		try {
			HttpClient authenticatedHttpClient = 
                                                  new AndroidHttpClient.Builder()
		} catch(MalformedURLException e) {				

But it doesn´t work for me.

Looking in Debug mode, I can see: ZygoteInit$ line: not available

I have looked for, and tried hundreds of ways. I don't know what I do wrong in this simple code, can anyone help me?

(I tried several Ektorp (1.4.1, 1.2.1, 1.1) and several Android API (7, 8, 15) )

1 Answer

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Couchbase is different from CouchDB.
We do not support Ektorp.

If you are looking at mobile app development you may want to checkout for Couchbase Lite on Android.

guide here: