How to bulk import design docs and views to couchbase server


I am using couchbase server in a Java project build with Maven and I want to make some kind of import process every time the DB is deleted, so when I make a new deployment in the development environment, the design documents and the preloaded data are existing in the couchbase server instance.

So I have been trying to use the cbdocloader tool following these instructions:

In theory, this tool supports data and design documents load. I have tested it for documents and it works but I have tried for design documents but this is not working, I don get any error in the console but in the couchbase console there is no design document, what format should have the json?


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Yes you can use the cbdocloader tool to import design documents/views.

You just need to create a folder and a file in your import directory/file. something like:


And in this file:

  "_id": "_design/beer",
  "language": "javascript",
  "views": {
    "brewery_beers": {
      "map": "function(doc, meta) {\n  switch(doc.type) {\n  case \"brewery\":\n    emit([]);\n    break;\n  case \"beer\":\n    if (doc.brewery_id) {\n      emit([doc.brewery_id,]);\n    }\n    break;\n  }\n}\n"
    "by_location": {
      "map": "function (doc, meta) {\n  if (, doc.state, {\n    emit([, doc.state,], 1);\n  } else if (, doc.state) {\n    emit([, doc.state], 1);\n  } else if ( {\n    emit([], 1);\n  }\n}",
      "reduce": "_count"

I invite you to look in the file.

Note that you can always create views from your code too, as documented here:


Thank you very much! it works like a charm.