Connect with the Community. Connect with Couchbase.

Discuss NoSQL with fellow developers, administrators and executives. Learn how to integrate NoSQL within big data solutions, mobile applications and the Internet of Things. Witness how innovative enterprises are leveraging NoSQL at unprecedented scale to redefine application architecture and infrastructure.

Ten Reasons to Attend Couchbase Connect

1. Because... Couchbase 3.0

2. #SiliconValley

3. Mobile NoSQL

4. Earn a N1QL or two

5. Locking-levels in JSON — they do exist

6. Hackathon

7. Networking

8. Life-size legos

9. Rooftop Party

10. Tupac (JK, we’re better than Coachella)


Couchbase Connect provides three days of keynotes and sessions led by the engineers who have built our products, the customers who are using them to better their business and the partners who are expanding capabilities

Getting Started with NoSQL & Big Data
Planet Scale: building an infrastructure that can scale with your business and the world

On premise or in the Cloud — What’s the best place for your data?

SQL for NoSQL? Next generation query languages

Keeping data secure and fast: managing multiple data centers

Understanding NoSQL and Big Data

What’s IoT and Why Does It Matter to my Business?

Real time big data analytics: reference architecture

NoSQL for the enterprise: building a next generation architecture

Big Data: moving beyond batch analytics
All About Couchbase Server & Couchbase Mobile
Couchbase Server 3.0 Roadmap

Upgrading from Couchbase Server 2.5 to 3.0

Best Practices for Cluster Sizing

Securing data in Couchbase

Writing sync code for mobile apps

How to benchmark performance

Understanding and administering multiple data centers

Building Mobile NoSQL Applications in iOS, Android, and .NET

Querying in Couchbase: introduction to N1QL our next generation query language

Couchbase SDKs: writing in Node, Go, and Java
Conference Schedule
Monday, October 6
Registration opens
Opening Keynote
Welcome Reception, Partner Lounge
Tuesday, October 7
8 - 9am
Breakfast & Registration
Event Celebration
Wednesday, October 8
8 - 9am
9am - 5pm

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$395 Early Bird Registration Available until August 15

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