Web CMS on top of Couchbase?


I’ve just started using Couchbase - and am migrating an existing solution to this fabulous database.

However, now I have a request for a new app where I am going to use Xamarin on the app side. There needs to be a web interface to administer the app on the server side . So my question is: What do you use for such a web app? Are there any readymade CMS’s that c0uld be added as a good starting point? (thinking along the lines of e.g. Wordpress - that uses another database…).

Of course I can just code the entire backend myself - but I see a need for a “quick-start” solution - and preferably an opensource one :wink:

Very curios to hear what you do :sunglasses::+1:


Hi @jda. I believe you’re on Java, have you taken a look at Spring Boot? We have a connector that integrates Couchbase into the Spring world, and Spring has some excellent server-side web support (e.g. @RestController). Check out this blog post to get started. Admittedly, this is lower-level than something like Wordpress, but it’s what I’d reach for to throw up a quick web interface with CB.

Thanks Graham

Yeah, I sort of got to the same conclusion…

As I have started using Xamarin for mobile I also had a quick look at using ASP.Core/ASP.NET with Azure for this new project. But again it’s still a little more low level than what I was asking for - just to make sure that i didn’t overlook any obvious choices.

I followed up on this with my colleagues and have some further recommendations for you:

Hippo: https://www.onehippo.org/10/library/enterprise/enterprise-features/targeting/data-stores/couchbase-data-store.html

If it doesn’t have to be JVM you also have:

Drupal: https://www.drupal.org/project/couchbasedrupal

I haven’t used either myself, but we do use Hippo on the Couchbase site.

Great, thanks!

I’ll look into those options :+1:

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I have been using Chousbase with WordPress as a backed and hosting on Cloudways managed hosting because it’s easy to configure Couchbase with WordPress using their platform.

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