How to make a web front-end?

Hello there, from a completely lost dude.

So I’m working on a tiny student project. We are supposed to build some kind of schedule/timetable on a web page. Every student got randomly assigned to a database, and instead of Mango or Maria, I got CouchBase, which I’m basically discovering hours after hours. Until now, my experience has been built on PHP/HTML/CSS with MySQL and all that jazz. I have virtually 0 knowledge regarding this particular database or NoSQL in general. This is somewhat funny, but rather confusing too, not going to lie.

So here I am, with my buckets and documents, everything is ready, I can query the various datas I need. From now on, I’d like to focus on building the front, but how ? I don’t know where to start / where to look. Tons of tutorials and videos are talking about SDKs, Android, Python or what have you, but nothing in the world seems to be about a simple web based front filled with Couch Base datas. I can’t even find a template or something. It’s a desert. And I’d appreciate a guide.

TL;DR : I’m excited to discover something new, and as far as I know, my database is ready. I don’t know how to use it to build a front-end and give those datas some visuals ! Can someone point me the right direction to go ? Many thanks

Hey @LeuNoeleeste,

We do have some complete examples of web applications, connecting to example back-ends written in most of our supported SDKs. I’ve asked our expert on them to share the details with you, and I hope they get you up and running.

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Hi @LeuNoeleeste,

The usual way to create web applications with Couchbase is to first create a backend API that interfaces with the database, and then the frontend should query data from this API. This gives you the flexibility to build both the front and back end however you’d like.

The best reference we have for this is our sample app travel-sample, which we recently updated to work with our new SDK v3. Our Github account Couchbase Labs has a version of this travel-sample app for most of our currently supported SDK languages. For example, here’s a sample API using Python, and the new SDK 3 : We do also have a PHP SDK and sample app if that’s the language you’re most comfortable with. All of these sample apps can be found at[language], and we have variations for java, dotnet, python, nodejs, golang and php.

Each of these example back-ends ship with an example frontend, the newer version of which is built in Vue. You can of course build the frontend however you’d like - PHP, React, Angular, plain JS, but that frontend is there to give an example. You can find the source for the new frontend here for the time being.

If you have any questions on any of this feel free to ask me, as I’m the principle person working on these repositories now.

Hope your project goes well!

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Hi @Daniel_Roberts,
I greatly appreciate this instructive reply ! Thank you for your time. I’m going to study all of this !

Sorry to bother you again, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to install Couchbase C release using Visual Code. I downloaded the package, but then…what ? Sorry if this is dumb.

You can find instructions on how to install libcouchbase on your OS here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering, yes this is whay I’ve been reading, but this is also the source of my problem : I got the required download for Windows, but they don’t say much about what I’m supposed to be doing with it afterward. Am I just supposed to place them wherever I want ? The page pretty much says “hey here’s the binary package, enjoy” haha.