Hosting Couchbase server on web


I am building a website using .Net MVC 4.0 and couchbase as backend server.
I would like to host this website.

Normally, For SQL server, I can buy a database.
How Couchbase could be hosted on Web?

Please share if any article is available for the same.

Hey @newsachins,

There are many ways this can be accomplished!

You can easily set up an Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Docker instance of Couchbase. Please see the following if you’d like to choose this route:

If you’d prefer, you can also spin up your own virtual private server (VPS) using services such as Digital Ocean or Rackspace and install Couchbase directly to it.

There are many options, including ones that I’ve not listed.

Did you have a route preference? Maybe I can provide better solutions with more information.



Thanks for prompt response, We appreciate it.
We are doing couchbase hosting for first time. so not sure about route option. Please bear with me.

We have built an website using MVC 4, WCF service and Couchbase.
We are also planning to have another client through Android App.

Andorid APP and WEB (MVC 4) both will be invoking WCF service. WCF service will be interacting with couchbase.

Considering this what will be good option ?
At the moment, we need to be economical. Maximum 20 users will be visiting this site per day.

We think, following would be steps

  1. Booking a domain name
  2. buying any .net hosting with 2 virtual folders / (one for web MVC 4 and second for WCF service
  3. Get subscription & URL from AWS for Couchbase server
  4. modify wcf web.config for AWS couchbase URL
  5. test the integration.

do you think, if any other steps are required?


also, I believe, having couchbase server & WCF service on the same server would help as network traffic would be reduced between couchbase and WCF and WCF service would be passing only required data to web MVC.
but it seems, digital ocean only support linux so not sure if wcf service could be hosted on the same and then pointed out from mvc 4 web application and android from outside?

Please let us know if you have any idea on the same


Hey @newsachins,

I would not recommend having the WCF service on one of your Couchbase nodes. It should be a separate tier or on the same as your application layer (MVC4).

I’ve personally only used a VPS and not AWS so I cannot advise to which is better. However, Couchbase will run perfectly fine on one of the popular Linux distributions. In terms of Android, you may want to take a look at the Couchbase Sync Gateway:

Hopefully some of the information I’ve shared has helped.

Let me know if you need anything further.