Using Asp.Net core as server Angular as client and Flutter as mobile for the same project

I am new to Couchbase, currently I am developing an Asp.Net core (server app) Angular (client app) and Flutter (mobile app) for the same project using SQL Server and Microsoft Identity.
I would like to start integrating a NoSQL database in the project to take advantage of the “offline first” capability.
I can consider changing Flutter by Ionic or Xamarin if Flutter can keep me from reaching this goal.
So please what do you suggest and how can I proceed ?

Have a look at the docs at you’ll find several getting started guides. Note in particular, you’ll need to plan for mobile and web apps together. Also, the mobile forum category here can help more with Flutter.

Thank you for sending me sail in the docs :slight_smile: I previously searched there and found nothing about Flutter neither in the docs nor in the forums.
“you’ll need to plan for mobile and web apps together”, please clarify, Angular uses Typescript (I guess Node.js sdk is needed) and Flutter uses Dart, how can I plan for them together ? is there an sdk that I need to install on the mobile device ?
If it is not possible to use Couchbase for Flutter for now, and if it is necessary to use an alternative to Flutter, then which mobile framework does Couchbase has more ressources for, Ionic or Xamarin ?

I am not aware of any Flutter integration with Couchbase, Couchbase does have a Mobile product which is unrelated to the .NET SDK which is a pure server side SDK. There is also a Node SDK if you decide to go that route. Couchbase mobile sounds like what you may need.