Is Couchbase DB Suports HP Teamsite Management Systems)


HP Teamsite supports attached DB’s .We are going with Couchbase for our new project.Kindly suggest whether we can go with Couchbase with HP Teamsite Management System).

Hi Satish,

I don’t have any specific knowledge of TeamSite, but you might find this link helpful: TeamSite with Couchbase. Short answer: you will need to do some work to get the integration up and running, and you should also carefully review your chosen integration strategy so that it’s compatible with TeamSite’s supported integration capabilities.


Thanks Will for the suggestion,

Do we have any compatable matrix for CouchBase DB that supports Content Management?

Hi Satish, compatibility is specified by the application, not the database. So you would need to check TeamSite’s docs, not ours. Or are you asking about CMS systems that run on Couchbase? -Will

Yes,I my question is :Is there any CMS System that runs on Couchbase?

You might take a look at HippoCMS, it runs on Couchbase and that’s what we use here. If others don’t chime in, you might want to start a new topic asking “Which CMS can I run on Couchbase?” or something like that. I don’t have any special knowledge about running a CMS on Couchbase myself.

I also found this article online that talks about the Gannett CMS called Presto that runs on Couchbase but I would assume that is a proprietary system (not to be confused with the Facebook open source project named Presto…)