Unable to open Couchbase GUI

Couchbase service is up and runing, but unable to open couchbase GUI. when i do curl http://loclhost:8091 getting connection refused. i could see below logs in error.log file.

[ns_server:error,2020-09-30T20:07:05.095+02:00,ns_1@<0.1434.2587>:service_status_keeper:handle_cast:119]Service service_eventing returned incorrect status
[ns_server:error,2020-09-30T20:07:06.089+02:00,ns_1@<0.1526.2587>:rest_utils:get_json:62]Request to (n1ql) /admin/stats failed: {error,

@praveen_kumar, I came across this only because the keyword eventing showed up. If you have enterprise support by all means open a ticket and upload a cbcollect. If you don’t I can only guess at few potential solutions to the issue.

  • First this looks like a source build (and I assume non-root install). Could you please try with a GA version of couchbase.
  • Second, please make sure that you use NTP (if you have multiple nodes in your cluster)
  • Third, make sure that the file permissions are not polluted (do a “find . -name ‘*’ -ls” on the install area and grep -v <the_expected_user>
  • fourth, try a “make clean” followed by a “repo sync --force-sync -j24”

Also try to restart your instance(s) and if nothing works give us your vserver ersion “couchbase-server -v”