CouchbaseServer failure on sturtup

I have downloaded CouchbaseServer 4.6.1 enterprise on Windows 10 x64 and run the installation. When the installation was about to be finished, i got the following message:

“Looks like Couchbase Server doesn’t respond in time.
Please manually refresh browser and wait for the Admin Console to
fully start”

If i try to access the localhost:8091, then i get

“localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 8091

i checked the ports, port 8091 is not taken, firewall and antivirus are off.

the error.log file has only this error:

“[ns_server:error,2017-04-13T14:13:30.375+03:00,ns_1@<0.231.0>:ns_log:handle_cast:209]unable to notify listeners because of badarg”

Is there anything i might have done wrong or haven’t done?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,