SDK 3.x problems? Should we roll back to 2.6.x?

Hello, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to Couchbase.

I’m using Node.js and trying to put some code in place to setup Couchbase with the proper tables upon initialization. I’m using SDK 3.1 and am having a mighty hard time getting it to work. I’m wondering if 3.1 is not quite ready and if I should roll back (to 3.0.x or 2.x?).

I’m getting “cluster object was closed” errors as well as errors about “needing to have one bucket open before you can perform queries”. I’ve mucked around this weekend and got some code to work, but a coworker is unable to get the simple code I have working to work on his machine despite similar versions of node, couchbase sdk, etc.

I’ve seen others on this forum recently with similar issues on 3.x. I’m curious if 3.x is ready or if newbies should stay back on 2.6.x where, perhaps things are more reliable?

Thanks for your help.

I had a similar issue, on our dev environment we are often restarting processes, restoring data. We found that our api service that connects to couchbase would routinely refuse to connect to the server … we rolled back to 2.6.12 … there is no way I could ever risk moving to 3 on production unless it is 100% resilient.