Couchbase Nodejs client 2.6.12 support for latest version of couchbase server

We are using Couchbase server version 6.6.0. I would like to know whether Nodejs client version 2.6.12 supports latest version of Couchbase server 7.1?

Hi @subhaps, and a warm welcome to the forums!

If you have a look at the Node.js Couchbase Version/SDK Version matrix in our documentation, you can see that the Node SDK 2.6 is compatible with Server 7.1, but not recommended.

In addition, the Node SDK 2.6, as of March 2022 is EOL, meaning that we are no longer supporting it and will not be making any bug fixes/improvements (See our support policy here for more details).

I would recommend that you upgrade your version of the Node SDK to the latest if possible. You can see our documentation about Migrating to SDK API 3 (Used by Node SDK 3.x and 4.x) here.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your quick response. Is Node SDK 4.x compatible with Couchbase Server 6.6?

In the documentation I linked in my previous response, you can see the version matrix showing compatibility between different SDK and Couchbase Server versions, but to answer your question - yes, the Node SDK 4.x is compatible with Couchbase Server 6.6.

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