Couchbase AspNet not properly branched

Hey Jeffry,

We’re looking at leveraging as a replacement for our old MemcachedProviders. Seems like it should work.

We are, however, still leveraging 1.3.x due to the better performance. Unfortunately, there is no branch made for quickly getting at the older version of CouchbaseAspNet. Would you please make a 1.3 branch off of 137e9fab1f3e38aeb462e11e80ba14312a3e29ae ?

Thanks - Howie

@unhuman -

I created the branch 1.3 at that SHA. Given that version 1.3.X of the SDK is at the end of it’s support period, I am not sure I would go down that direction for new development. Most all of the development time and support is going into 2.1.X of the SDK and as new features are being added to Couchbase server, they will not likely be back-ported to the 1.3.x version of the client.


Understood. Thanks for doing that. It’ll be helpful for our efforts. You also made comment on my 2.1.x client slowness, so I’ll go off and investigate all of that, so maybe this just becomes unnecessary.