Couchbase 2.7.X SDK & Couchbase Server 6.X

Hello Couchbase Team!

We’re looking at upgrading to the latest versions of Couchbase Server, but had a question around the compatibility of the .NET 2.7.X .NET SDK with the latest versions of Couchbase Server.

We’re currently on Couchbase Server Enterprise 5.5.6 and .NET SDK 2.7.16, and are looking to upgrade to the latest version of Couchbase Server (if possible). Does Couchbase 6.6 still work with .NET 2.7.X .NET SDK? Are there any know issues with using the 2.7.X version of the .NET SDKs with the latest version of Couchbase?

We could upgrade to the latest 2.7.X if required, but the jump to the SDK 3.0 would be much more involved, and would require a significant amount of performance testing on our end, based on our last major jump in SDK version:

Also, do you know how long there will be continued support for 2.7.x (or 2.X in general)?

We do plan on migrating to SDK 3.0 in the future. :slight_smile:


The 2.7 SDK is compatible with 6.6 (we’re using it in production with 6.5.1 right now, upgrading to 6.6 as we speak). However, scopes and collections (which are in developer preview in 6.6, scheduled for GA in 7.0) are not available in 2.7. There may be some other features that are unavailable as well. I know I’m working on adding support for compression, hopefully in SDK 3.1, (fingers crossed) which won’t be backported to 2.7.