Is couchbase 6.0 compatible with couchnode 3..0.x

Can someone guide me on this.

  1. Is couchbase server 6.0 is compatible with couchnode 3.0.x?
  2. Will couchnode 2.6.x callback code continue to work if couchnode updated to 3.0.x

Hey @stuffhold,

  1. The Node.js SDK 3.0.x is definitely compatible with 6.0.
  2. The SDK’s API’s have changed, however the ability to use callback-based code if you don’t which to take advantage of promises is still possible, both through the use of .then() on the promise, as well as by simply passing the callback as the last parameter to the methods (it automatically get’s registered to .then()).

Cheers, Brett

Thank you for the quick reply.

Just to confirm, our existing callback style codes such as below will continue to work with 3.0.x without any modifications, right?

Our existing callback style code samples

couch.client.query(statsQuery, queryOptions, (err, result, meta) => {
couch.client.get(memberId, (err, result) => {

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