Price of Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition

I am a freelancer, I’m interested in using Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition for my commercial app (production), only because Couchbase Lite Community Edition does not have Peer-to-Peer Sync feature.
I tried a lot to get answer from Couchbase customer support, I emailed and asked in some places but still no answers.
I just want to know what is the price for Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition?

Fill out this form and the sales team will work with you ->

I tried, but the “Request Pricing” button does not do anything, there is no “sent” message, nothing visually moves or changes.
Can it be because I am trying to send from Iraq? Is Iraq in the restricted countries list?

With VPN the UI/UX is different and more lively, but the request pricing button is still unable and disabled.
All fields are filled with no red warning or error message
If I write message (optional) field, the button gets disabled, if I
leave it empty, it sends the request pricing.

Per company policy, we do not do business with Iraq. We will revisit in the future. Sorry.

Is it illegal or against software laws for users from Iraq to use community edition (open source) of Couchbase products?

That would be up to Iraqi law, since it doesn’t involve any action on our part. I.e. Community Edition is open source, we can’t stop you from using it. :slight_smile: