Encryption in Couchbase.Lite 2.8 CE

Hi Folks,

By reading the documentation of the new version of Couchbase.Lite (2.8) i can not find the note that was present in previous versions regarding the Encryption being an EE only feature. Is it just an omission or does it mean that Encryption is now available also for Comunity edition?

Probably just a mistake, there’s been no changes here: https://www.couchbase.com/products/editions#cmobile

Encryption remains an Enterprise feature

As @hyling mentioned, the editions page must be referred to. This instance was an omission but FFR, any such changes will be explicitly called out in our release notes.

Hey, thanks for your replies!

It is sad to learn that CBLite is not yet supporting encription for CE. Our team will have to keep using CBLite 1.4…

It’s a business decision for you. It sounds like you’ve concluded the cost to you of staying on an obsolete, unsupported version is less than the cost of buying an EE license (including support.) It’s very unlikely we’ll be giving encryption away in the future, as we do need to make money to fund development.

It is a problem with the License it self: It is (or was?) not flexible enough to satisfy our Project’s manager. He was willing to buy a Couchbase.Lite license, but was not interested in a Couchbase server License, but he found out it was not possible to get one wihtout the other, so he declined.
I find your product worth to pay for it… but it is not a decision i can make :expressionless:

Ah, yes. This issue has come up before … I don’t know if we’ve added any provisions for a client-only license. @priya.rajagopal?

Are you stating that you are using Couchbase Lite with Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server but you only want to purchase Couchbase Lite license ?

That would be definitely a game changer for us. (and yes, i meant Couchbase Mobile, not only Couchbase.Lite!)

Until now we are using Couchbase Server CE and Couchbase Mobile CE, and all the features provided there are more than enough for our simple purpose application; the only we are missing is encryption in CBLite 2.x.

For that reason, and since our company is a three-programmer-small company my Manager is willing to invest in a License for Couchbase Mobile, but not for Couchbase Server. If there was “a provision for a client-only license” we would seriously consider to purchase it.