Pricing, Sales and Marketing Problems with Couchbase Enterprise

Problem-1: I have submitted Price Formseveral times but never got a response from sales team.

The biggest problem comes when i have convinced my clients / employers, on technical grounds, on use of Couchbase Enterprise over other solutions and in turn they ask a key question about the Price of Couchbase Enterprise, and i am blank as i am not informed of this information at all.

At this point, all my efforts go waist and i look like a stupid person convincing people of Couchabsewithout knowing its Price (or, TCO).

I somehow found the price of Couchbase on third-party cloud-services like Amazon and Google (even though my actual recommendation was on-premise cloud/ solution), i found out the prices too high, not affordable even by above average businessman in an under-developed countries. Specially countries with under low Socio-economical values, where devaluation of local currency as compared to US Dollar is a big problem. In Pakistan, USD 1 is euqal to Rupees 152.

For Problem-2, i suggest that there should be a way to make solution developers as your partner so that they recommend use of couchbase with a price estimate in hand, instead of doing the nonsense of telling the clients to contact couchbase sales to get the figure (It looks stupid to praise/market a product without knowing price / estimates). Microsoft, Oracle and others offer such Partnership s and it increases sales.

For Problem-3: I suggest that ther should be a custom Pricing (like, all other world renowned products) per region, considering economical factors and buying power. You can easily get the documentation of the proof of existence of an organization in particular region.

YourSales and Marketing team needs to think on these points seriously and come up with a proper effective sales/ marketing model

Looking forward,

Kind Regards.