Libcouchbase error: The username must match the bucket name (or be NULL) for data access

Working with cbc tool, I see that below error when creating a bucket which not relevant at all:

/opt/couchbase] $ ./cbc bucket-create test -u Administrator -P password
Requesting /pools/default/buckets
libcouchbase error: The bucket requested does not exist (0x19)

And also I see same that when trying the retrieve the documents as well.

Using couchbase-sever-community 4.0.1 version

libcouchbase version is 2.6.0

what version of libcouchbase do you use?

Using couchbase-sever-community 4.0.1 version

You have to upgrade your libcouchbase to the recent version (2.8.5).

The issue you have described has been fixed in 2.7.6

This helped & issue is resolved now.