Php-ext-couchbase-1.1.2-ubuntu1110 - "Failed to create libcouchbase instance"

We are using php-ext-couchbase-1.1.2-ubuntu1110, and for the first time after few months, our production servers have restarted, so our couchbase severs were reconfiged.

After that, using ‘default’ username and ‘’ (empty) password, and specific port 8091, we got the error - “Failed to create libcouchbase instance”.

Following, I understand this has something to do with a late change that was made (to the 1.1.2 version?), and that we must not use a certain username and port anymore?

Is it possible that a change was made to the version which was already published before? Where was this change made? should have we noticed it some how?


You must not use administrator account for data operations. Here “administrator account” is the credentials you are using when configuring cluster (adding new nodes). By default this account named “Administrator”, but it is possible to change this name.

What you should do is use bucket-password specified when you create buckets. And as the username, you can pass the bucket name. Currently you cannot change this through web UI, so yes, it means, you have to use the same name as bucket name. The libcouchbase can pick bucket name as username if you will pass NULL there, I’m not sure if php client allows passing NULL as username. The following code shows how to do it.

$cb = new Couchbase("", "mybucket", "password", "mybucket"); $cb = new Couchbase("", NULL, "password", "mybucket");