Starting out with cbc on remote ubuntu server


I’ve recently used Couchbase to create a phone app but want to create a cloud server using gateway sync and Couchbase server on Windows. However, I seem unable to create a bucket using the cbc command:

sudo cbc bucket-create --username=xx --password=xx --ram-quota=200 test1

However, it gives me an error:libcouchbase error: The bucket requested does not exist (0x19).

I myself, am pretty unused to linux commands as it has been awhile since I last used them. The documentation seems to be all over the place.

I’ve only managed to install the Couchbase server and I would also like to know how to set up the username and password of the server from command line as I am unable to access the GUI of the remote computer.

Thanks for reading.

cbc tries to connect to some existing bucket first to pull the cluster configuration, and by default uses default bucket, which does not seem to be exist in your case.

If you need CLI to administer your cluster, you have to use the tools, which come with the server distribution package (couchbase-cli). In your case you should use couchbase-cli bucket-create:

couchbase-cli bucket-create -c localhost:8091 -u xx -p xx \ 
--bucket=test1 --bucket-type=couchbase \ 
--bucket-ramsize=200 --wait
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