Cannot connect to bucket use bucket name as username

Hi! I create a two server cluster and created a memcached bucket called cachedcontext through admin UI. And I created it with password. I thought by default when I connect to the system, I should use bucket name as the username. But it won’t let me. I tried to use couchbase-cli to change anything for the bucket, and I use -u cachedcontext as username, it won’t let me do it either.

Finally, I just put “Administrator” as username, and used its password for my program, and it worked. What should I do to correct this?

BTW, I download latest community version of server.

You shouldn’t use Administrator account for data operations. You must specify bucket name as user name. From libcouchbase 2.1.1 you will get an error if you will try to use Administrator account.

Can you please provide an example to demonstrate the same?