The bucket requested does not exist

When I try to get bucket information, the response is “The bucket requested does not exist” and the result is NULL.
I confirm the bucket is created successfully.

Bucket creation is done asynchronously, so it may take a moment.

Is this via couchbase-cli or another tool?

The bucket has already been created, every operation such as deleting a bucket always throws CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException,but it operated successfully in fact.
Following is the response:
exception ‘CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException’ with message ‘Failed to remove bucket “Test_Cache”: The bucket requested does not exist’

What tool are you using? One of the SDKs it looks like, but you didn’t say which language.

Since this is using libcouchbase, can you turn up the log level (see the docs) and let us know what you see there in the interaction?

phalcon, language is php.
Here is what the log:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘CouchbaseLibcouchbaseException’ with message ‘Failed to get bucket information: The bucket requested does not exist’.