Is the XDCR is possible in CE7.0.2 build 6703

Currently we are using Couchbase Server Community Edition 7.0.2 build 6703 and I notified that in XDCR section the below screen saying that XDCR is not permitted by the Couchbase Community Edition license and in Documentation also says the same .

But In practical , I was able to add remote server and able to replicate it .
So, Confused whether it is just a warning or something I was missing here .
Please can you help on this .

XDCR is an Enterprise Edition feature:

so it is unavailable to you on Community Edition.

But I was able to do XDCR in Community Edition which is against the documentation of CE7.0
So, can you confirm on this whether is it ok to continue with this.

Please review:


@dh : Thanks for your response , Indeed we took a look at the documentation but like mentioned we are still able to use XDCR in V7. Is it an issue with documentation mentioned on this blog or could you clarify what this statement means “CE deployments that desire to use Couchbase Server 7 with XDCR or deploy clusters that are larger than five nodes are encouraged to upgrade to Couchbase Server 7 Enterprise Edition” . Should we understand that there is no implicit blockage of XDCR on V7?

It is explicitly noted that you do not have rights to use it in the CE licence: (last sentence, clause 5)

Thus, don’t use it.

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@dh : Thanks for your response , clear now.