XDCR between different edition (Enterprise / Community)

Is it possible to make an XDCR from Enterprise edition cluseter to Community Edition cluster?
and can it be also possible from CE to EE?
(We’re using CB Server 4.6)

Thanks in advance!

No, both have to be CE or EE.

Just replicated from 5.0.1 Community Edition to 6.0.1 Enterprise Edition on my test system without any problems. :slight_smile:

Hi, can you please share your setup steps. I am new to couchbase, I setup xdcr between Enterprise edition 6.0 servers and have “connection closed” issues.
Here are my steps:

  1. Create user fxsales_xdcr with role replication_admin on both local and remote servers using the same below command

cb_cli user-manage --set --rbac-username $XDCR_USER --rbac-password $XDCR_PASSWORD --role replication_admin --auth-domain local

  1. Setup xdcr cluster name fxsales from locahost to remote host

cb_cli xdcr-setup --create --xdcr-cluster-name $XDCR_CLUSTER --xdcr-hostname $REMOTE_HOST --xdcr-username $XDCR_USER --xdcr-password $XDCR_PASSWORD

  1. create a replication for the bucket $BUCKET_NAME

cb_cli xdcr-replicate --create --xdcr-cluster-name $XDCR_CLUSTER --xdcr-from-bucket $BUCKET_NAME --xdcr-to-bucket $BUCKET_NAME