XDCR not working properly from Couchbase 7.0.2 to Couchbase 7.2.2

Hi all,

we’re starting an XDCR from a bucket on Couchbase 7.0.2 to a remote bucket on Couchbase 7.2.2.
We’re getting some issues, since not all the documents are replicated. On 47k documents, only 31k are replicated.

Is there any compatibility/known issue?

  1. No known issues.
  2. Possibilities are:
  • Are you using any filtering options or filter expressions in your replication definition?
  • Mismatch between source and target bucket collections – i.e. target bucket is missing a collection that exists on the source?
  • Note: When using transactions, the transactions metadata documents (ATRs) are never replicated, so that can also be the cause of different document counts between source and target.

Hi, we’re using no filtering option and we’re not specifying collections. It’s just a simple bucket replication.
We’re not using transactions.
Anyway some of the documents are not replicated.