Why does XDCR can be paused by Web Console but not by REST API?


All is in the title.
XDCR is available for community edition, then we should expect that all the feature are available.

Without working backup process, why don’t you allow community edition to pause the replication stream by REST API (it is available by the web console) ?
(see my post on backup issue)

I read several post on this forum and the most common way to backup a cluster is to do it with XDCR …
Do you have any (working) method to backup a cluster during a specific period ?


Hi @cnguyen,
Starting from the bottom, I’d disagree that XDCR can replace a backup: XDCR will replicate your mistakes thus deleting data accidentally is not something XDCR protect against. I’d highly recommend taking backups with couchbase server even if you XDCR to another cluster for higher availability under certain types failure. Backups do work on community edition except incremental and cumulative backups.

You should be able to pause and resume in the community edition with 3.0 couchbase-cli tool. The options is there under XDCR-replicate options. Are you sure you have the latest version of the cli in the path?

xdcr-replicate OPTIONS:
–create create and start a new replication
–delete stop and cancel a replication
–list list all xdcr replications
–pause pause the replication
–resume resume the replication
–settings update settings for the replication

Hi @cihangirb,

I don’t say that i want to replace backup with XDCR.
I try several times to backup my cluster but i never succeed. (https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/MB-13458).
In the meantime, i try another strategy with XDCR.

But another question is why do you allow to pause XDCR by web console and by the cli but not by the rest api for community edition ?
The last way is only available with enterpriser edition

It is a mistake in the documentation ?

It is a documentation mistake. We’ll take that out. thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed soon. https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/DOC-268 for correcting it.