How to use couchbase database?

I am looking for an affordable couch db database that is online that replicates data from the database to mobile apps. I have tried out IBM’s cloudant, but it gets very expensive once you start replicating and syncing. Any ideas?

I don’t know of any other hosted CouchDB-compatible services. We (Couchbase) briefly had one, not high-scale but just targeted at helping developers get started, but we stopped running it about a year ago.

What a lot of people do is set up a virtual machine online at AWS, Heroku, Joyent, etc. and run Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway on it. We have some pre-configured images that make this pretty turn-key; I don’t know exactly where they are but I think there are links to them on our site somewhere.

There’s a blog about getting started with Digital Ocean that may help you and if you’d like to use Amazon Web Services (EC2) there are prepackaged images from Couchbase (including Sync Gateway) on Amazon’s site.

thanks for the reply @ingenthr and @jens I am going to check Digital ocean and AWS, Do you think it can run on the google cloud platform?

Yes, it definitely does. In fact, we did some performance testing with Google not so long ago.

Ok cool, is there like a step by step tutorial on how you can integrate it?

There isn’t at the moment. We’d be glad to help if you try to adapt one of the above though and that’s a good idea.