Is there still a couchbase cloud hosting(database as a service)?

As I know, kurobase is cloud hosting for couchbase.
but it looks like they almost close their service.

is there still a couchbase cloud hosting?

Your comment welcome

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There are many options for hosting couchbase in the cloud, however the best options available now involve bringing your own account to one of the existing cloud vendors. You can use one of simple cloud management platforms like Elasticbox, Cloudsoft or RightScale provide great tool to allow you to manage your couchbase deployments as an alternative to managing deployment on AWS, Google App Engine or Azure etc.

Thanks, I mean if there is DAAS(database as a service) for couchbase just like ‘Compose’ for mongodb, and former ‘kurobase’ for chouchbase

Hi … apologies self promotion!, but… Onomi offer a managed solution which we (mainly) deliver from AWS. It’s a managed service so the customer is billed directly by the cloud provider for infrastructure and we manage the Couchbase deployment 24x7 (Monitoring, backups, patching scaling etc…).