Hosted Couchbase service on EC2?


I’m looking for hosted Couchbase service on EC2 such as MongoHQ for MongoDB. It seems not easy to find hosted services for Couchbase.

I just found the one service named CleverCloud. but this service seems in beta testing now. Is there any other service to suggest for me?



I am using Clever Cloud for months (since January) and I am quite happy with it. I am in fact using it as a simple Couchbase service provider but also to host some of my apps. (Note that Clever Cloud does not use EC2 but have their own servers/infrastructure)

I know another service that offer Couchbase as a Service: but I have not yet tested this one.


Thanks Tug!

Oh, I didn’t catch CleverCloud was not on EC2. I will try KuroBase!
Also, I attended your presentation in Seoul last week. Thank you for the great presentation too :slight_smile:


We would be glad to help you use Couchbase on Clever Cloud.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help.