Does Couchbase.lite-net.Unity support Windows 10 universal apps?

I’m working on getting my Unity project working as a Windows 10 Universal app, is this a supported platform for the Unity version of Couchbase.lite-net? Not sure if I need to try to do something different for Windows 10 Universal apps (possibly write a wrapper/plugin around a the main Couchbase.lite-net version?

At this time we only support Standalone, iOS, and Android. I haven’t looked at what Windows 10 Universal app support requires but if it’s anything like Windows 8.1 Universal support then there is a lot of work needed to make Couchbase Lite compatible (though we do have it planned for the future).

Oh ok was hoping maybe the Net45 platform supported it. Yeah it should be pretty similar to the Windows 8.1 Universal build. When you do add support for it do you think it’ll be on the Unity side roughly at the same time or probably in one of the other branches first and then moved over to Unity? Thanks!

.NET 4.5 compatibility is not enough for universal apps. They run on a runtime that is a lot more different than you would expect. Namespaces are different, functionality is missing or altered, etc.

That being said, that fact in and of itself won’t stop Unity from deploying to Windows 10 universal. The way it gets written out is all up to Unity. I don’t imagine there will be a separate branch for “windows 10 universal unity”. It may even work now? The reason I say it is not supported is because I don’t test it. The reason for that is twofold:

  1. There has not been any expressed interest in it until now

but mostly
2) I already have 9 platforms that comprise 4 different runtimes to test on (MS .NET Windows, Mono OS X, Mono Linux, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Unity Windows, Unity OS X, Unity iOS, Unity Android) and it eats up a lot more time than I would like as it is. Universal support would add another platform and another runtime into the mix.

Obviously mathematically this will not change, but the reason I say we are going to support it in the future is there are some internal changes in progress that will offload some of the testing workload from me.

That’s understandable, that’s good to hear though that you’re getting some help with the testing, that is a ton of platforms for one person.

I did some initial investigation and it’s looking like it’s going to be a fairly decent amount of work to get things working on the windows universal platform. Like you said there’s a lot of namespace swaps, threads functionality moves to tasks, file system stuff is different, even exceptions work differently.

Hi @borrrden, we are also exploring the windows 10 universal app platform. Any news about cblite support for it?


No public news yet, sorry.