Unity3d and Couchbase Lite

Howdy Couchbase Team,

Recently found your amazing project and very excited to use it with Unity3d Mobile and Desktop project.
I checked the forum and the most recent comment regarding Unity3d is May 2015.

Question: Does Couchbase Lite work with Unity3d mobile and desktop?


We do not support Unity3d.

Hope you will continue to use it for your desktop projects.

Hi Priya,
Thank you for your message.
I found these two repositories and they seem to be supporting Unity3d.
Would you be able to comment on these two projects below. Cheers

Not familiar with first repo so can’t comment on that .

The second one is our official repo for .NET version of CBL and we definitely do not support Unity3d. Not sure where you found that to be case. If anything, it might have been @borrrden who may have been experimenting with it with 1.x version of CBL (which is EoL). Perhaps he can comment

We had Unity3D beta a couple years ago with 1.x but it never went to GA because of the complexity of maintaining and testing it.