Couchbase for Windows 8.1Store App

Hi friends,

Does Couchbase supports Windows 8.1 Store App(WinRT Apps)?
If not is there any other NoSql which supports Windows 8.1 Apps



The 2.4.0-dp1 Developer Preview of the Couchbase .Net SDK now supports targeting .Net Standard 1.5. However, this doesn’t currently deliver support for Windows 8.1 or UWP (Windows 10). It will provided UWP support in the next release of UWP.


Maybe @borrrden can shed some light into Couchbase Mobile support for Windows 8.1 Store App(WinRT Apps)?

That means Couchbase doesn’t support Windows 8.1Store App as of now, and may be there is no plan in near future also. However it might support UWP ( Windows 10) in future.

Couchbase supports for Xamarin Android and iOS, but I don’t see any support for Xamarin Windows, please put some light on this?

Does Couchbase supports for Cordova Windows?

UWP support is coming (most likely) and I’m not sure if that makes things available on Windows 8.1 or not. I’m trying to work with management to get a timeline but our upcoming conference is making that difficult. Judging by the .NET standard, it looks as if Win 8.1 would hold us back significantly in terms of API.

P.S. “Xamarin Windows” is a bit of a misnomer. At best that would be Mono on Windows, which is not supported since Microsoft .NET is developed for Windows and is a much better alternative.

Thanks for answering my questions.
One last thing. Does Couchbase supports Cordova Plugin for Window 8.1?