Couchbase.Lite + Mono + Windows


We are using Mono and GTK in our multiplatform app (Linux, OSX and Windows so far, iOS and Android coming soon).
We have just recently started adding Couchbase Lite to the mix, and it seems to be working fine.
It connects to a Couchbase Server through the Sync Gateway without problems, but only on Linux (using Mono 3.12)

On Windows, using Xamarin Studio and Mono, it complains about a missing symbol CreateLNSocket in MonoPosixHelper.dll. The people at Mono confirmed that this method is not implemented yet on Windows.

If I switch Xamarin to use .Net instead of Mono, everything works fine, but I would like to use the same runtime across all platforms.

So, my question is, am I the first one to check this configuration (Couchbase.Lite + Mono + Windows) ?
If not, has anyone else succeeded in making it work?

Thanks a lot!

Hi xartigas,
I understand that you would like to use the same runtime on all platforms. I will do my best to find you an answer.

Just of curiosity… What devices are you aiming to support with the Xamarin app?


Yes, if possible, I would like to minimize the amount of runtimes we will need to support.

We currently support desktops (Windows, Linux and Mac), and aim at having the app running on iOS (and later Android).

Hi xartigas,

I am trying to build a desktop web application with couchbase lite compatible to all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac). Because I am trying to handle my application in offline mode too so the only possible way I think Mono+Gkt#+Couchbase Lite. I want to know about connection establishment to couchbase lite, is it through Visual Studio(Mono-Asp.Net Web) to Couchbase Lite. Please give me some more information about this architecture so it would be greatly helpful for me.

Thanks in Advance for any help you can provide.