Unity - Web Player doesn't support Couchbase Lite

Hi guys,

I’m working on a Unity game to be deployed on Android, iOS, and Web. In the space-shooter readme file it states:

This will not build for web player. Web Player puts large amounts of restrictions on the available API, some of which Couchbase Lite makes use of.

So what do you recommend for a project like mine? Should I use cbLite for Android and iOS, and then somehow just access cbServer directly in the Web Player build?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @dbergan,

Believe using Unity WebGL & Couchbase Lite REST API may be a solution, considering a standalone build may be the direction to take given NPAPI-support will likely be removed across browsers; which Chrome v.42 already has disabled.

Thanks @sweetiewill! I’ll give that a shot.

Hi again, @sweetiewill,

How do you make REST requests with Unity? I haven’t been able to find a good webpage on that…

Asking about how to do things that are specific to Unity3D is a bit off topic for a forum about Couchbase Lite / Mobile. As a general answer, there are quite a few people providing REST solutions on the Unity asset store, or if you like you can make use of the Backported System.Net.Http library that Couchbase Lite for Unity uses. It exists in this repo.