Discussion about use case of Couchbase

Hi all,

I’m researching about usecase of Couchbase, specifically Paypal. I had a architecture that Couchbase is used in Paypal system. After looking at this architecture, I still don’t understand Couchbase’s role in Paypal’s system. Please explain to me

Hi @for.vuhai95, you can read more about this customer story here: PayPal – NoSQL Customer Success and Case Studies | Couchbase

I don’t think it would be appropriate or even possible to go into all the detail, except for what’s already on the public website.

If you have a project that you’re working on, and are wondering how Couchbase can help, or if you have a specific question about some of those Couchbase terms: cache, session store, analytics, etc, please open up another forum question and ask away.

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