Give example of NoSQL DB(CauchBase) in practical use today with reference

Give example of NoSQL DB(CauchBase) in practical use today with reference.
Who provide hosting service for for them? (I mean web applications/companies that uses cauchbase today)

Hi there,

Couchbase is used today in a very wide variety of use usecases.

Some of which include:

  • Session Stores
  • USer Profile Store with flexible JSON schema
  • As a Content and Meta Data store
  • Data Aggregation
  • As a highly available, Distributed Cache

Couchbase has been put into production by Companies from a large range of backgrounds including Financial Companies, Telecoms Companies, Online Gaming Companies, Flight Control Companies, Gambling Companies and many more.

There are many advantages to using Couchbase, including it’s High Availability, It’s always on architecture, it’s Incremental Map Reduce engine and mainly it’s Flexible Data Model. In Couchbase, we model our data primarily in JSON, and we can make changes to these data structures at any time, without any downtime to our application, which is entirely the opposite to the equivalent in a Relational Database in which we’d need to do expensive ALTER_TABLE statements and often take our app offline to make data migrations.

Regarding the hosting of Couchbase Server, generally, most companies host Couchbase on their own Servers. Be they Amazon EC2 instances, or in-house boxes. Couchbase has AMI packages available for Amazon AWS instances to make the setup incredibly easy.

There is a company called Clever Cloud who are offering hosted Couchbase Buckets, but they do not give full feature access to Couchbase.

Hosted Couchbase in the Cloud is something we are working on as a company and something we should be announcing shortly.

I hope this helps.

Robin J

In addition to Robin answer I invite you to look at:

You can find many customer presentations here too:

Finally as Robin said most of the instances today are managed by the customers directly and I believe that +/- 30% of our paying customer (hard to know in case of community users) have deployed Couchbase on Amazon.

In addition to that is offering today Couchbase as a Service, soon the company will do it too.