Is any one using Couchbase as an event store?

Is any one using Couchbase as an event store?

BR Christian

Hi @cjjohansen, we do have a number of use cases around events - could you be more specific about what type of events and traffic/response times you are expecting?

We just started building event store, custom queue logic on the client side and actual events being processed by Akka actors on the different platform . It would be good to know Couchbase’s native or recommended way to deal with Events.

At least in our case

Each event will have unique event id also has something called event owner id
Big requirement is to not process events with same owner id at any given point of time
How to queue/dequeue the way typical MQ servers do it…

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Yes I Means the same as RShetty.

We are currently only in start up mode, but hte ambition is to scale on a global basis.
The events would come from Projects, tasks, invoices. So no hard real time performance requirements like stock Trading.

Im not so concerned with performance as i am with transactional consistency.
Thats why im asking if Couchbase is the right match.
Since we more or less has decied to use couchbase anyway it would be nice to stick to as few Technologies as possible.

The alternatives for an eventstore could be RavenDB, Microsoft SQL or Event Store (Greg Young)

BR Christian

Yeah thats sounds interresting